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Meet Gene Trent and Family



Gene has had the pleasure of teaching middle school and high school mathematics for almost two decades including the last six years here in Brevard County. Gene feels he can bring to the Brevard County school board a perspective that includes detailed knowledge of the district; an understanding of the budgeting process; an ability to be fair an objective and an appreciation of the diverse needs of the Brevard County students, parents, and community.  

Gene currently is the Guidance Service Professional (Testing Coordinator) at Cocoa Beach Jr./Sr. school. In their free time, Gene and his wife Adrienne  enjoy various outdoor activities such as biking, kayaking, golfing, or just spending as much quality time as they can with their five children.


  • Married 30 years to Adrienne Caneva Trent

  • Proud father of five children ages ranging from 28-10

  • One son is a graduate of Brevard and two are currently enrolled.

  • Classroom Math Teacher - approximately 20 years

  • Current Guidance Service Professional – Testing Coordinator at CBHS

  • Current member - CBHS Threat Assessment team

  • Current Real Estate Professional

  • Former Varsity Boys & Girls Golf of 12 years

  • Former Business owner

  • Financial Services background

  • Former member - Various Curriculum and Discipline committees

  • Former Lutheran Church Council President 

  • 20 years of City, School, and Community Leadership


  • PARENTAL RIGHTS - I will fight to protect the rights of parents to be involved in the education process of their children here in Brevard County. I believe that education should be a "partnership" between Parents, Students, Teachers, Administration, and Community.

  • CRITICAL RACE THEORY - I believe that simply teaching a child that everything that has happened or will happen in this world is "racists" and that he or she is part of the problem because of the color of their skin is not only detrimental to the child but also violates existing law. For this reason alone CRT has no place in education. For more information about CRT please visit the following links:

                                                        - The Heritage Foundation April 22nd, 2021

                                - One of the best takedowns of CRT leaves 'The View' hosts speechless  


  • SCHOOL CHOICE - I believe Parents are the ones that can best determine their child's unique educational needs, and it's through school choice programs such as recently passed House Bill 7045 that gives the power to the parents where it should be.  For more information visit house bill 7045 

  • STANDARDIZED TESTS- "High Stakes Testing"

 I believe that Florida has taken a HUGE step forward with introducing a Legislative proposal (F.A.S.T.)that will reduce test time by 75%, give teachers and parents more impactful and timely input, and fully eliminate common core!!  

With this transition to statewide progress monitoring for school accountability, Florida will restore the ability for parents and teachers to have impactful conversations about students’ growth and inform parents’ ability to help their children grow by:


  • Becoming the 1st State in the Nation to switch from end of the year assessments to state standards-aligned progress monitoring for accountability;

  • Minimizing the stress of testing to three much shorter tests in the Fall, Winter and Spring that will inform students, teachers and parents about students’ growth, rather than a single lengthy end-of-year assessment that halts learning and leaves zero opportunity for improvement; and

  • Reducing testing time an average of 75% through progress monitoring, increasing time for teaching and providing more timely, usable feedback to help students reach their unique goals.


Below are more facts about the differences between the FSA and the F.A.S.T. Plan:


For more information about the F.A.S.T. plan, visit

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